1 Year Anniversary Gifts for that Special Someone

Not sure what to get your special someone for your 1 year anniversary? As long as it’s personal they’ll love it, but what if you took it one step further? If they love coffee, you could get them a mug, but not just any mug. Get one with their name on it, or a phrase that will make them smile when they see it. Or if they’re constantly working on new projects, every handyman needs a pocket knife. Instead of getting a blank pocket knife, get one with their initials, or your anniversary date as a subtle reminder of your love. For a 1 year anniversary, you don’t have to break the bank to do something big, because even something small but personalized will have a large impact.

Picking the Perfect Gift

Gifting for 1 year anniversaries can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re absolutely clueless, the best way to start is to think about what the other person does. Look for something that they might want to pursue or something that would complement something they do already. Things like coffee mugs, zippo lighters, knives, and cutting boards are all great starting points. Most of those things can be used on a daily basis and will remind your special someone of you each time they look at it. Another one of my personal favorites is a guitar pick. Everyone loves a custom guitar pick and case, but what about one that has a small love note on it. The wood and the care that is put into the pick will make any melody ring with warmth which makes it a perfect gift for a guitar player.

If none of those are quite what you’re looking for or you just want something for them to display as opposed to using, maybe look into framing a photo collage. We can engrave on the frame itself instead of covering the picture in words. Another sort of unconventional gift that we carry in house is a cigar humidor. In Arizona the dry heat does no favors for things that need to be kept humid, so why not help your partner out with a personalized humidor.

Personalize Your Idea

Say you already know exactly what you want to get your partner to celebrate the anniversary, but it’s too plain. You can bring it in and we can spice it up a bit. We’ve engraved things from door hinges to cookie jars, to swords, you name it. The door hinge story may just be one of my favorites as far as creativity. Around Christmas, a customer brought in a door hinge and asked for on the top to have their anniversary date and on the bottom to have their names surrounded by a floral design. The hinge turned out really cute, but I was confused. Why are you giving your girlfriend a door hinge for being together for a year? He turned it into an ornament to hang on their tree since they met on the dating app “Hinge”.

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