Flag Display Case 

Displaying flags is a traditional way to remember loved ones who have served their country or community in the military, police force, etc. When someone passes away within those fields, typically a flag is placed over their casket during the funeral, and before they’re buried, the flag is given to the family. It is extremely honorable to receive a flag, so why not show off how proud of your family you are in a nice display box?

Flag display boxes are frequently made out of walnut and can be very simple or have decorative edges. There’s a pane of glass that separates the flag from the outside world so display boxes are great for preserving them as well. From time to time, people have the pane of glass engraved with the emblem of whatever branch the family member served in. Other times, this information is included on a small plate that is put on the front. Some flag boxes even come with a way to mount on a shadow box. This is a great option if you’re also displaying medals or other honors that were received because it keeps all of the memories in one place for everyone to see.

Choosing A Plate For The Front

When it comes to choosing the metal plate on the front, you want something that matches the box itself, without drawing too much attention away from the flag. Most store bought flag display boxes are warm toned walnut wood, therefore, the plate should be warm as well. That being said, options are solid brass, or a plate that has a black background and engraves gold. Personally, I love the solid brass look. The brass can be oxidized so the lettering is black against the shiny metal. We can also UV print on brass which means if you don’t want to frost the glass on the front, but want to show which specific military group your loved one was a part of, we can color print the logo on the plate. UV printing is special because unless someone is really working to get it to scratch off, it isn’t like paint. You’d have to pick at it for quite a while to make it budge.

If you built your own display case and stained the wood with a cooler tone, or just used a cool toned wood in general, the plate should match as well. I’d recommend using a silver aluminum plate. This comes in the option of having a black background with silver lettering, a silver plate without oxidation, or a silver plate with oxidation to make the letters black. 


When it comes to the actual engraving, less is more for these plates. Keeping the information simple like name, rank, and either years of service or their birth date and death date. This is also a very personal memorial though, so if you feel like putting their nickname or middle initial on the plate instead of just first and last name, then do so! There is not a right or wrong way to make a flag box, it comes down to how you want to honor your loved one.


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