Amber Crown Award


The Amber Crown Award will be the crown jewel of your next corporate event. Its engravable area is perfectly sized for your logo in full color and commemorative text. Available in three sizes.

Sm 6″x4.5″
Md 7″x5.5″
Lg 8″x6.5″
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“Amber Crown Award”

Acknowledge excellence with this classic golden diamond award.  The Amber Crown Award displays an impressive elegance. The appearance of the transparent diamond with a gold accent is sure to exude professional and respectable distinction. The diamond is a significant symbol of perfection and illumination. Its physical appearance is associated with valuable attributes such as purity, clarity, and wisdom. Diamonds are the toughest substance on Earth and cannot be scratched by any other substance, thus an award depicting the diamond shape should be granted to someone that is just as durable as these precious stones. Award a co-worker with this classic trophy for their coherence and wisdom or a professor for their long-lasting devotion to a program and patience for students. The Amber Crown Award is the perfect item to recognize professional superiority and brilliance.

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