Bethesda – Crimson Crystal Award


The Bethesda – Crimson Crystal can be personalized with your logo and text. Each award is hand etched by an expert engraver, giving it a frosted look. Available in three sizes.

Sm 7″x3.75″
Md 8.5″x4.75″
Lg 9.75″x5″
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3 per box



Why it sparkles? Crystal contains higher lead content that increases its clarity and refractive index. Meaning, the dispersion of light is greater as it passes through the crystal, casting a more brilliant glow. This is why crystal awards are renown for their beauty and are the pinnacle of praise.


The process of etching crystal or glass awards has many separate steps and is quite labor-intensive. Many people assume that etching is a simple process; stick it in a machine, press ENGRAVE, and Wah-la! They are surprised to learn that each and every award is etched by hand, one at a time.

It begins in the hands of a fabulous engraver, who compiles all the information (text, font, logo, layout, etc) and creates an aesthetic design for the customer to review and approve prior to production. Next; special laser-mask tape is placed over the engraving area. The crystal/glass award is then placed in a laser engraver machine and must be aligned perfectly for the designated design to be engraved with precision. The laser burns past the laser-mask tape and lightly engraves on the award.

Now that the pre-engraving is done, the engraver will prepare the award to be etched. The award must be completely masked off with tape, leaving only the text and design exposed. Each crystal/glass award is taken to the sandblasting machine, where a skilled engraver will use high pressured sand to etch the design deeper, giving the engraving a frosted look.

Lastly, they run the crystal/glass award under warm water, clearing away all the sand and masking tape. After a cleaning, the award is placed back in the box and is ready to be presented to the honored individual.




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