Cobalt Torbellino Award


The Cobalt Torbellino Award will blow everyone away at your next corporate event. This beautiful piece of art glass is a mix of clear and colored glass swirled in a stunning egg shape and mounted on a solid black glass base. This hand made glass award is ready to be given out with your personalized message engraved on its display plate.

Note: This item is individually hand made, air bubbles and color can and do vary.

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It’s name, Cobalt Torbellino is derived form the Spanish word for whirlpool. This name is reflected in the graceful rising tendrils of color that symbolize success and inter-connectivity. Whirlpools are created when two opposing water currents meet and form a vortex. Though the powerful water currents oppose each other, they work around their differences and end up creating a stunning force of nature. Acknowledge the excellence of an employee that is able to turn the tides on your company’s calamities with the Cobalt Torbellino Award!

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