Complaint Department Grenade Desk Ornament


Looking for a way to steer away unwanted visitors or pestering coworkers? The Complaint Department Grenade Desk Ornament will certainly deter haggling visitations with its real military grenade body and hilarious placard that encourages visitors to “Take one.” This desk ornament is a must have for military vets or any office worker who wants to spice up their work desk!


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If you’re constantly being pestered at the office or bombarded with incessant naggery, then the Complaint Department Grenade Desk Ornament is the perfect way to combat overbearing coworkers or visitors.  This grenade ornament will certainly send a message to unwanted visitors with its “take a number” pull tag. All jokes aside, the grenade is hollowed out so unfortunately this desk ornament would not provide a permanent solution to your problems. However, it does make for an explosively funny gift!

This desk topper is constructed from real military surplus grenades that are sandblasted and reconditioned for optimal appearance. Additionally, each grenade is carefully painted with the traditional olive green paint coat and yellow “Live High Explosive” line. The whole piece stands 6.25 inches tall and is assembled onto a black base with a silver number plate added as the finishing touch. Because this desk topper is made from real military surplus grenades, variance between ornaments is to be expected.

The default plate on the desk trophy reads “COMPLAINT DEPARTMENT: PLEASE TAKE A NUMBER.” However, if you would like to customize your plate to say something else, please be sure to specify your custom engraving request when placing an order.

All of our trophies can be customized with a personalized plate. Choose what images, names, designs, and fonts that you would like to be engraved on the plate. *Note: submissions that require extensive editing are subject to an additional artwork fee. Have an idea already in mind? Our graphic design team can help bring your vision to life. Proofs can be sent upon request.
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