Custom Engraved Guitar Pick – Paddock Tri-Wood


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Our Custom Engraved Guitar Picks not only make beautiful gifts for the musician(s) in your life, they are sought out for their quality as well. Each type of pick (or plectrum) is fabricated from different materials and textures, affecting the sound in its own unique way. Many guitarists recognize that the pick – the smallest and most affordable piece of gear – can have the greatest impact on tone and articulation. Each individual musician is likely to settle on a particular plectrum type they prefer, but it is certainly beneficial to experiment with picks of differing materials and textures during the search for new sounds. And undoubtedly, switching up a pick is the easiest and least expensive way to hear a difference.

This particular pick is made using three types of wood; Maple, Paddock and Sheesham. It has a unique, tri-color look and sturdy feel. By building the pick out of multiple woods, the tone produced is unique and harmonious. Read more detail about each wood, below:

Generally speaking with wood picks, the harder the wood, the brighter and more articulate the sound. Warmer, earthier sounds are derived from softer woods.

Maple Wood – Unlike most other hardwoods, the sapwood of Hard Maple lumber is most commonly used rather than its heartwood. Sapwood color ranges from nearly white, to an off-white cream color, sometimes with a reddish or golden hue. The heartwood tends to be a darker reddish brown. Birdseye Maple is a figure found most commonly in Hard Maple, though it?s also found less frequently in other species. The strength of Hard Maple creates a strikingly bright sound against the strings of the instrument.

Paddock Wood – Commonly know as “African Padauk,” picks fabricated with this wood create a warm, loud and earthy tone off of the strings. The wood grain runs vertically down each pick, ensuring strength and durability during play.

Sheesham Wood – Sheesham is probably better known as Indian Rose Wood. The organic material of the Sheesham creates an amazingly warm tone. The natural wood grain going vertically down the pick helps tone better flow from the guitar strings, while simultaneously adding strength to the pick. And, the tapered edges allow for a swift release from the strings.


We offer unique designs that you can choose from, but if you don?t see what you want here, message us your idea and we will happily create custom artwork for you. If you are interested in adding a logo or image, send over the file (preferably a high-resolution vector file). There will be a $5-$10 charge if your design requires extensive editing. You can send us a message by clicking the ?Ask a question? button on any of our shop listings, or clicking the ?Contact shop owner? on the left hand side of the main page of our shop. When you order, write in the ?Notes to Seller? section in your cart what you would like engraved. We will send you a proof upon request and make sure to check your email periodically in case we send you a clarification email. *Please note that not all images can be engraved on our items, it depends on the engravable space, material of the item, and quality of the image.


Dimensions (L x W x H): 1.3in x 1.1in X 0.1in
Engravable Space (L x W): 0.9in x 0.9in (Oddly Shaped)
Color: Brown/Beige/Red with Black Engraving
Material: Wood

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