Evening Star Award


The Evening Star Award, made of engravable acrylic, beams the brightest at any occasion. Personalize this wishing star with your logo in full color and other text. Available in two sizes.

Sm 5.5″x5.5″
Lg 6.5″x6.5″
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“Evening Star Award”

People say that when you wish upon the evening star, it is sure to come true. If your wish is to be find the perfect trophy for your accomplished employee, your wish has been granted! The Evening Star Award is a wish-granting acrylic standing at 5.5 inches tall on its brilliant blue base.

Use this star award to recognize a coworker for his/her trustworthiness or a doctor and his/her eagerness to assist patients or a teammate whose confidence helps your team go infinity and beyond. Award your star coworkers and teammates with the fantastic Evening Star Award!

The Evening Star is actually another name for the planet Venus because it is so bright, it is one of the first lights you see at dusk. Venus is also known as the Morning Star because it can also be seen at dawn. The planet shines bright all night and doesn’t even stop when the sun comes out. Award the employee or teammate that is a working machine and continues to shine with the Evening Star Award.


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