Fantasy Football Trophy – Silver Armchair Quarterback


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We can all identify with the Armchair Quarterback as we cheer (or jeer) our players on, trying our best not to chuck the remote at the screen, and hoping that we had built the ultimate fantasy football team during our draft. This QB features a silver finish with hand-patina detailing. The figure on a small base sits nearly 10 inches tall and holds 9 individual name plates. The large base makes him just under 13 inches tall and holds 18 plates. The Silver Armchair Quarterback will last as your league builds its dynasty, adding a league champion year after year.

Let us help you create the perfect fantasy trophy exactly as you see fit. Please write the text you?d like on the front placard in the “Notes to Seller” section. If you are interested in a custom logo or other special design, send your file (at 300 dpi, jpg) to the email you will find on the invoice. If you prefer the text to be a specific font or have sizing variations, email those specifications as well. Additionally, we can discuss the format of your league champion plates if you have special requests. We will create a layout based on your instruction, and perfect the design until you are pleased with the result. Feel free to send us a Direct Message, and we will get it done!


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