Flair Arrowhead Award


The Flair Arrowhead Award shoots straight with its elegant engravable acrylic sides. Customize its sleek face with your logo in full color or text. Honor your warrior employee at your next corporate event with this sharpshooter award. Available in three sizes.

Sm 6.5″x5.25″
Md 7.5″x6″
Lg 8.5″x7″
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“Flair Arrowhead Award”

Award excellence with the Flair Arrowhead Award. Positioned on a clear base this award is the perfect trophy for a sharpshooter, someone who is articulate and dedicated to what they do. The shape of the arrowhead is among the most easily recognizable artifacts in the world and often has been used to symbolize protection and security. Warriors throughout history often wore an arrowhead around their neck to express their strength. The Flair Arrowhead Award is one that will definitely recognize someone of great strength in their valuable qualities in their professional occupation, school, or other setting. Award someone for their strengths in customer service or their strengths in providing job opportunities for their peers. Award a veteran who showed great strength in protecting their country. Whatever the occasion is, the Flair Arrowhead is one that is sure to acknowledge quality strength and aptitude.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8.625 × 7 in


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