Personalized Rubber Band Gun Toy


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This Personalized Rubber Band Gun Toy is the perfect birthday or holiday gift for a child or any kid at heart. The gun includes ten heavy-duty rubber bands that stretch from the tip of the gun to the revolving release. If you’re looking for some harmless target practice, you’ve found it! The wooden Rubber Band Gun is deeply laser engraved creating an authentic burned look that will last the wear and tear from all the play it will encounter. It is also color filled with black to make sure that the name stands out on the wood. It can fit the average bid kid’s grip. From child to adult, this simple rubber band gun is fun to play with and a worthy upgrade from launching rubber bands from your fingers.

***DISCLAIMER: We advise that young children be supervised when playing with the rubber band gun. Any injury caused by the improper use of these rubber band guns is not our responsibility.***


We offer unique designs that you can choose from, but if you don?t see what you want here, message us your idea and we will happily create custom artwork for you. If you are interested in adding a logo or image, send over the file (preferably a high-resolution vector file). There will be a $5-$10 charge if your design requires extensive editing. You can send us a message by clicking the ?Ask a question? button on any of our shop listings, or clicking the ?Contact shop owner? on the left hand side of the main page of our shop. When you order, write in the ?Notes to Seller? section in your cart what you would like engraved. We will send you a proof upon request and make sure to check your email periodically in case we send you a clarification email. *Please note that not all images can be engraved on our items, it depends on the engravable space, material of the item, and quality of the image.


Dimensions (L x W x H): 5in x 9in X 1in
Engravable Space (L x W): 1in x 4in
Color: Light Tan with Black Engraving
Material: Wood

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