Unicorn Trophy


Isn’t the Unicorn Trophy the most magical trophy you’ve ever laid your eyes upon? The majestic Unicorn Trophy comes in two sizes, large and small. Each trophy comes with a custom plate that can be personalized with any special message, name, design, or logo.

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Looking for a unique trophy to give to the winner of your family’s sports league? Or maybe looking to award it to the best boss? Whatever the occasion, the Unicorn Trophy serves as the perfect award to give to someone magical in your life. This majestic award is suited for all ages, activities, or occasions. The Unicorn Trophy is a bestseller for good reason. The mythical creature’s sleek golden body is accented with a hot pink horn and mane. One thing’s for certain; there won’t be a more eye-catching, majestic award than the Unicorn Trophy! Make it even more special by engraving your own special message onto the trophy plate!

The Unicorn Trophy stands on a golden riser mounted on a sleek black marble base. The hot pink accents on the horn, mane, and tail perfectly pair with the golden body. The Unicorn Trophy comes in two sizes—large and small. The large unicorn trophy measures about 11 inches tall while the small unicorn trophy measures about 8 inches tall. Each trophy comes with a custom plate that can be engraved with any message, name, design, or logo of choice.

Send us your design, image, logo, or whatever you would like engraved onto the plate! Have an idea already in mind but not sure how to translate it into art form? Our graphic design team can help you create the perfect design for your Unicorn Trophy. Be sure to send all materials to info@tempetrophy.com when placing an order.




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