Raingutter Regattas Are Ready to Sail

It’s almost raingutter regatta season, and that means Cub Scouts everywhere are beginning to build their little sailboats to race at the end of Summer. Each year, scouts get to customize their own boats from a starter kit, which includes a hull, a mast, a plastic sail, a plastic rudder, and a metal keel. In September, two rain gutters are set up filled to the brim with water, and the scouts race the boats to see who is fastest, which is determined by which boat hits the end of the gutter first. One of the other interesting rules in these races is that the competitors can’t touch the boats, even if they get stuck. The only thing they can do to help the boat along back on track is blow on it through a straw. The rudder and keel placement, as well as the size of the sail are what help propel the boat along its path. It’s essentially the boat equivalent of a pinewood derby, but you may want to do some breathing exercises beforehand just in case yours gets stuck.

Congratulate the Winner

Whether you’re a Scoutmaster or simply a proud parent, we have all sorts of ways to commemorate such a fun event! For the Scoutmaster trying to worry about all the other details for running an event, let us do the work for the trophies. Between standard trophies with sailboat topper, and custom trophies that we can build in-house. For the parent whose scout just won the race, and wants to give him something to remember, bring in the winning boat and let us mount it on a stand or put it in a case. We can also add a plate to the bottom of the boat after the racing is over that commemorates the date, troop, and place in the event. So many ways to remember such a fun time. I personally still have one of my old derby cars that my grandfather had engraved with the year and place that I got, which will help me always remember what a great experience the whole race was! 

From Cub to Eagle

If the regatta days are over and your scout is no longer a small cub, but an eagle ready to fly, we have the perfect eagles to award after their project is complete. With eagles ranging from a smaller eagle for the scout that doesn’t like showing off, to a large eagle for those who beam with pride, we’ll make sure they love it as much as we do. We’ve also done what we can to help the eagle scouts help their community by making small metal plates to help label their projects, or by creating stencils for a clean spray painted title. We love the scouts that come in and even offer special pricing on some of the eagles to congratulate them on ranking up! 

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