The Mack Daddy of All Projects

The team here at Tempe Trophy is well-known for developing unique products on a daily basis. Every project that we complete is one-of-a-kind. That’s the business of custom awards and gifts; a creative platform which we have fully-embraced. Unique products are what we know, and we were recently given the Mack Daddy of all projects.

Mack Truck Book Ends
Mack Truck Book Ends

One of the coolest tasks we’ve been handed lately was for bookends. However, the assignment didn’t start with bookends in mind. Actually, it all started with the opportunity to transform hood ornaments from one of the biggest and baddest truck companies around, into a commanding office display. Our client knew of our unique forte, and allowed our creative juices to flow. The end product resulted in some pretty sweet bookends.

Our customer came to us in need of an impressive gift for his employer; the boss of a shipping company, who only buys Mack products – Mack Trucks®, that is.

Mack Titan - Image courtesy of
Mack Titan – Image courtesy of

You know Mack Trucks. They’re one of the largest producers of heavy-duty Class 8 trucks, engines and transmissions in North America. In fact, you probably pass one of their haulers every time you’re on the highway. And, all of the parents out there should recognize the Mack brand immediately – the Disney-Pixar series “Cars” features a loveable character named Mack. He is Lightening McQueen’s long-haul driver and a Mack Truck. And, as the “Official Hauler of NASCAR”, the brand not only translates well into an admirable animated series about cars, but has become largely recognizable by its own accord.

Mack from Pixar's "Cars" on tour - Image courtesy of
Mack from Pixar’s “Cars” on tour – Image courtesy of

So, when we were asked to create a striking gift with the bulldog baubles, we knew we needed to create something stately. The obvious choice was to attach the hardware to some elegant marble and forge some refined bookends. We mounted the stout gold and silver bulldogs to our pure onyx marble, added a couple of ornate marble books, and completed one of our most distinct products to-date. Projects like this one really drive us. Get it? Mack Trucks… drive us… ha ha ha!

100% Mack-made trucks display a golden bulldog hood ornament
100% Mack-made trucks display a golden bulldog hood ornament

A little-known fact about Mack Bulldog hood ornaments: A gold-colored figurine affixed to the hood of a truck shows that that truck is comprised entirely of Mack products. That particular truck is a 100% Mack-made machine. Now, you have another fun game to play on your next road trip! It’s called “Spot the REAL Mack Daddy.” You’re welcome.

And of course if you have a custom project in mind tell us about it so we can make it a reality!



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