March Madness Basketball is in Full Effect

The NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship Trophy

2017 NCAA Men's Basketball National Champion Trophy (Source: NCAA)
2017 NCAA Men’s Basketball National Champion Trophy (Source: NCAA)

After upset after upset, this year’s NCAA Men’s Basketball Division I Tournament defines the term March Madness. It’s nearly impossible for anyone to get a perfect bracket. My bracket was finished after number 1 seed UVA, who I chose to take the chip, lost to number 16 seed UMBC in the FIRST ROUND. Despite disappointing bracket choices, watching the March Madness games is nonetheless very exciting. It’s always a mystery who will take home the iconic NCAA championship trophy.

The trophy, with its gold detailing, sandblasted glass center, and engraved “National Champion” plate, is prestigious. MTM Recognition, the awards company that makes these awards also makes items such as the Special Olympics Torch.

Seeing the NCAA Championship Trophy 

Last year, when the Final Four games were held right here in Arizona, I got to see the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship Trophy up close at the Final Four Fan Fest. It was as prestigious as it is to win the tough tournament. With all sport lover’s eyes on the tournament, the trophy is also well-watched. Last year’s March Madness viewership broke records. According to the NCAA, across the four networks that broadcast the games, there was an average of 9.325 million viewers which was up 10% from 2016. I am sure that this year will be similar. 

Put a Basketball Trophy in Your Own Hands

Fantasy Basketball Armchair Basketball Player Trophy
Fantasy Basketball Armchair Basketball Player Trophy Bronze

Maybe you’re not much of a basketball player and more of a basketball watcher. Don’t fear, there are ways you can get your paws on a trophy. Did you and your friends create a bracket competition? We’ve got the perfect trophy for the one who chose the best bracket… the armchair basketball player. Suiting, huh?

Now you might just want a smaller, less extravagant trophy if your group’s pot isn’t large enough to take much from. We’ve got trophies that fit the bill. Here are our cartoon trophy, sneaker trophy, and 360 trophy.

And if you’re looking for something more fun and unique, say hello to our bobble head basketball player trophy.


Basketball Bobble Head Trophy
Basketball Bobble Head Trophy


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