More Than Just A Trophy Shop

I’ve had a lot of customers say they drive by our shop thinking that, because of the name, the only thing we do is trophies, not realizing that we can engrave just about anything and everything. 

Acrylics and Glass and Plaques, Oh My!

We obviously still make normal trophies for clubs and sports, but we also do a lot of work with corporations. For award banquets and ceremonies we have acrylic, glass and crystal awards as well as traditional plaques in several colors and sizes. Tempe Trophy has also done custom acrylic awards for many companies and large events that include QuikTrip, Sundt Construction and the Aloha Festival. These custom acrylics are fun shapes and are uv printed to display eye-catching colors and draw attention to both the award and the recipient. 

Glass awards are a great option and usually come in clear or tinted jade. When etched, the text can be color filled or remain frosted. Personally, I love a simple frosted glass award, but sometimes a small pop of red from a logo just really brings the whole award together. The jade awards aren’t bright green, but just have a subtle greenish undertone. Jade glass is often paired with a rosewood accent for something sophisticated, but slightly out of the ordinary. We also have art glass awards that are small enough to sit on a desk so they can proudly be displayed at work or at home without needing wall space.

Prismatic crystal is also very popular at our shop. The crystal is really special because it gives off rainbow hues when the light hits it the right way. These are great to display at home in a window. Unlike acrylic, crystal doesn’t yellow if exposed to direct sunlight, so you can let the sun send little rainbows into the room. Not only is it great decoration, but will also remind you of a job well done.

Everyone has seen a plaque before whether it was at school, or in an office, or you may have received one of your own. They come in many sizes and colors and there are a number of ways you can customize the plate that goes on the board for a unique award every time. 

Community is Family 

When I say the Tempe Trophy is more than just a trophy shop, sure I’m talking about our products, but also our staff. I’ve never worked in another group where 100% of the staff was as community focused as this group is here. Not only do we like to work with big corporations like I mentioned earlier, and schools in the area like ASU and Carl Hayden, we love to work with small local businesses too. From artists like Odd Rodney, to AfterIt, a gym in our plaza, we love the locals. To us our community is like family. We do a lot with the Eagle Scouts in the area including offering discounted prices on their bronze eagle for completing their final projects, to helping individual scouts come up with the perfect plate to attach to their projects. We also offer discounts to those who are part of the public service departments or the military as our way of saying “Thank You!”. We’re dedicated to doing our best to make sure that everyone is able to have the perfect engraving for their events, and at the end of the day, “We’re more than just a trophy shop!”

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