Perpetual Plates for Trophies


  1. Check the multi mode box.
  2. Adjust quantity to add and remove boxes.
3 per box


When you’re ready to add this year’s champion to your league trophy, order here! We’ll get it engraved and shipped to you right away.

Let us help you create the perfect fantasy plate exactly as you see fit. First, let us know the measurements of the plate in the “Notes to Seller” section at checkout. We will need to know the color/material as well. If we created the trophy for you, simply reference your previous order and we can look up all of the necessary information. If this is for a trophy you obtained somewhere else, please provide as much information as you can regarding the size, color and material of the required plate. An image of the trophy and previous plates will also help us in the matching process!

Next, please write the text you?d like to fill the front placard with. If you are interested in applying your own logo or other special design, we may ask you to send us your file (minimum 300 dpi, .jpg). And, if you prefer the text to be a specific font or have sizing variations, message those specifications as well. We will create a layout based on your instruction. Please note that an additional engraving/design fee may be applied.


Our shop is industry-leading in engraving equipment and techniques, continuously producing quality craftsmanship. Dare to compare similar products from other shops – we know you will be extremely satisfied with the items you order at EngravableZ!

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